The way people connect and interact online has been transformed by the widely used communication platform Discord. Behind this imaginative stage stands a determined and visionary pioneer, the Chief of Dissension.

The CEO of Discord’s wealth, his contributions to the company’s success, and the ways in which Discord has become a household name in the digital world will all be discussed in this article

Discord CEO Net Worth

Jason Citron, the CEO of Discord’s net worth is around $3 Million and is reliant upon future turns of events, it’s verifiable that the stage’s thriving has added to his money related achievements.

Disunity has gotten basic sponsoring from various monetary patrons and has been regarded at billions of dollars.

The association’s pay basically comes from Conflict Nitro, an uncommon participation organization, and associations with game architects and content creators.

Full NameJason Citron
Birth DateSeptember 21, 1987
Birth Place San Francisco, California
Game designer
Marital Status Not Married
Net WorthJason Citron

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Discord CEO Assets

The personal assets of individuals, including CEOs, typically consist of various holdings such as stocks, investments, properties, and other valuable assets.

Discord CEO Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$3 Million
Net Worth in 2023$2.7 Million
Net Worth in 2022$2.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$2.3 Million
Net Worth in 2020$2 Million
Net Worth in 2019$1.8 Million

The achievement and development of Strife, speculations, market variances, and other monetary contemplations all assume a part in Jason Citron’s total assets, which can vacillate after some time.

Regardless, very significant Struggle has experienced colossal improvement since its laying out in 2015.

The stage’s general achievement can be credited to its ubiquity and far reaching reception across different networks.

The way that Strife has drawn in critical speculations, laid out organizations, and developed its client base might affect the President’s riches.

Discord CEO Early Life & Background

Jason Citron, the Head of Dispute, has had an intriguing trip making ready to his continuous position. While unequivocal bits of knowledge concerning his underlying life are not generally open.

Here is a layout of his experience

Jason Citron, brought into the world on November 5, 1985, in the US, showed an early interest in development and gaming.

He experienced passionate feelings for computer games as a youngster and was motivated by the likelihood that web-based networks could interface and collaborate with each other.

Citron studied software engineering while at the same time going to Stanford College. In 2009, he laid out the gaming organization OpenFeint while going to Stanford.

OpenFeint was a social gaming stage for cells, allowing clients to connect, fight, and offer achievements with others.

The advancement of OpenFeint snatched the eye of GREE Overall Redirection, a Japanese flexible gaming association.

OpenFeint was obtained by GREE in 2011 for $104 million, giving Citron significant gaming industry experience.

Citron had some time off from the gaming business following the securing, yet before long understood the requirement for a gaming-explicit correspondence stage.

He helped to establish Friction with Stan Vishnevskiy, a collaborator, in 2015. The idea was to make a straightforward and feature rich stage that would update correspondence among gamers.

Struggle quickly procured omnipresence inside the gaming neighborhood stretched out its compass to consolidate different client networks past gaming.

The organization focused on client experience, carried out strong balance devices, and established a protected and comprehensive climate under Citron’s initiative.

Disunity has developed essentially under Citron’s initiative, drawing in huge number of dynamic clients overall and drawing in critical speculations.

The stage has transformed into a go-to correspondence stage for various organizations, specialists, and colleagues, including Citron’s ability to perceive and take extraordinary consideration of creating client needs.

Discord CEO Career

His pioneering adventures and commitments to the gaming and correspondence enterprises have molded Jason Citron’s profession.

Here is a blueprint of his exceptional employment accomplishments

OpenFeint: In 2009, Citron laid out OpenFeint, a social gaming stage for mobile phones. OpenFeint allowed gamers to relate, fight, and offer their achievements with others.

A great many individuals joined the stage as it built up forward movement and notoriety. In 2011, OpenFeint was gotten by GREE Overall Redirection for an uncovered $104 million.

Dissension: Following the result of OpenFeint, Citron saw the prerequisite for a correspondence stage modified to the gaming neighborhood.

He helped to establish Friction, a gaming-explicit voice, video, and text informing stage, in 2015. Dispute expected to give a reliable and straightforward understanding for gamers to connect, confer, and coordinate their gaming works out.

Under Citron’s drive, Struggle broadened its client base past gaming, transforming into an extensively elaborate stage for various organizations.

Conflict’s initiative group: As the Leader of Disunity, Citron plays had a basic effect in the stage’s success.

He has driven the association’s fundamental bearing, focusing in on client experience, neighborhood, and giving a safeguarded environment to clients.

Friction’s fast extension and far and wide reception can be credited to Citron’s accentuation on protection, security, and customization choices.

Awards and Affirmation: He has gotten acclaim and acknowledgment for the commitments he has made to the correspondence and gaming enterprises.

In 2020, he was associated with the Forbes 30 Under 30 overview for Games, and Erosion was named one of the world’s most imaginative associations by Fast Association.

Discord CEO Personal Life

Data about the individual existence of Jason Citron, the Chief of Disunity, isn’t widely accessible in the public space.

Citron focuses more on his professional endeavors and keeps his profile relatively private. Accordingly, there are restricted insights about his own life, including his family, connections, and side interests.

When it comes to their private lives, high-profile individuals, particularly those working in the technology sector, frequently choose to maintain a certain level of privacy.

This permits them to zero in on their expert obligations and keep a sound balance between fun and serious activities.


Jason Citron, the chief executive officer of Discord, has contributed significantly to the success of the business.

With Disunity turning into an easily recognized name in the computerized correspondence space
its effect on web-based networks couldn’t possibly be more significant.


What is the net worth of Discord’s CEO, Jason Citron?

Jason Citron, the CEO of Discord’s net worth is around $3 Million and is reliant upon future turns of events, it’s verifiable that the stage’s thriving has added to his money related achievements.

How did Jason Citron become the CEO of Discord?

Jason Citron co-founded Discord in 2015 along with his colleague, Stan Vishnevskiy. Recognizing the need for a communication platform tailored to gamers, they created Discord to provide a seamless and feature-rich experience for users.

Citron’s expertise in the gaming industry, his entrepreneurial background with the success of OpenFeint, and his vision for a better communication platform contributed to his role as the CEO of Discord.

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