Sanjay Khan, a veteran actor, producer, director, and entrepreneur, has been an enduring presence in the Indian entertainment industry. His multifaceted career and diverse ventures undoubtedly contribute to a substantial financial portfolio.

Sanjay Khan Net Worth

Sanjay Khan’s net worth is around $60 Million, it is believed to encompass earnings from his acting career, entrepreneurial pursuits, television productions, and potentially other sources. The culmination of his diverse ventures contributes to the financial success he has achieved.

Full NameShah Abbas Khan
Birth DateJanuary 3, 1941
Birth PlaceBengaluru, India
ProfessionFilm actorFilm producer,
Film directorWriter
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$60 Million

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Sanjay Khan Assets

Sanjay Khan’s assets, including real estate holdings, investments, and other valuable possessions, were not publicly available in detail.

Celebrities, especially those who value their privacy, often do not extensively disclose specific information about their personal wealth and assets.

Here are some general categories of assets that a prominent figure like Sanjay Khan might have

Real Estate: Celebrities often invest in real estate, including residential properties, commercial properties, and land.

Business Ventures: Sanjay Khan is known for his entrepreneurial ventures, which may include interests in various businesses, possibly in sectors such as hospitality, real estate development, or other industries.

Television Productions: If Sanjay Khan has ownership or rights to television productions, they can be considered as valuable assets.

Authorial Pursuits: While not a traditional asset, the success of his autobiography, “The Best Mistakes of My Life,” may contribute to his overall financial portfolio.

Investments: Financial investments in stocks, mutual funds, and other instruments can contribute to an individual’s overall asset portfolio.

Philanthropic Activities: Sanjay Khan may be involved in philanthropic activities, which could include donations to charitable causes or the establishment of charitable foundations.

Sanjay Khan Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$60 Million
Net Worth in 2023$59.8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$59.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$59.2 Million
Net Worth in 2020$59 Million
Net Worth in 2019$58.7 Million

Sanjay Khan’s net worth figures for individuals, especially those in the entertainment industry, can be challenging to determine accurately due to various factors, including privacy and fluctuations in financial activities.

Here are some factors that could influence the net worth growth of someone like Sanjay Khan

Entrepreneurial Ventures: If Sanjay Khan has been involved in successful business ventures, the growth of these ventures could positively impact his overall net worth.

Investments: The performance of investments in stocks, real estate, or other financial instruments can significantly contribute to net worth growth.

Television Productions: The success and continued popularity of television productions in which Sanjay Khan has ownership or rights could contribute to his financial growth.

Authorial Pursuits: The sales and success of his autobiography, “The Best Mistakes of My Life,” and any subsequent literary ventures could impact his overall net worth.

Real Estate Developments: If Sanjay Khan has been involved in real estate development projects, the appreciation of property values or successful project completions could contribute to net worth growth.

Philanthropy: While philanthropic activities may not directly contribute to personal net worth growth, they can influence public perception and legacy.

Sanjay Khan Early Life & Background

Sanjay Khan, born on January 3, 1941, as Shah Abbas Khan, is an Indian actor, producer, director, and entrepreneur.

Here is an overview of Sanjay Khan’s early life

Birth and Childhood: Sanjay Khan was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. His family had roots in Afghanistan, and he was given the birth name Shah Abbas Khan.

Family Background: Sanjay Khan was born into a family with connections to the film industry. His father, Sadiq Ali Khan Tanoli, was a Pathan nobleman, and his mother, Fatima, was the adopted daughter of the yesteryear actress Zubeida Begum.

Educational Background: Details about Sanjay Khan’s early education are not extensively documented.

However, it is known that he pursued a career in the arts and entered the entertainment industry at a relatively young age.

Entry into the Film Industry: Sanjay Khan entered the film industry in the 1960s. He began his career as an actor and went on to establish himself as a leading figure in Bollywood during the subsequent decades.

Early Career in Films: Sanjay Khan’s initial foray into films included roles in various projects. He gained recognition for his performances and became a popular actor during the 1960s and 1970s.

Name Change: Sanjay Khan’s original birth name was Shah Abbas Khan. However, in the course of his acting career, he changed his name to Sanjay Khan, which became his widely recognized identity.

Sanjay Khan Career

Sanjay Khan, a versatile personality in the Indian entertainment industry, has had a multifaceted career as an actor, producer, director, and entrepreneur.

Here’s an overview of Sanjay Khan’s career

Acting Career: Sanjay Khan began his acting career in the 1960s and quickly rose to prominence with his charming persona and versatile performances.

Some of his notable films as an actor include

  • “Dosti” (1964): A film that explored the theme of friendship and earned Sanjay Khan acclaim for his role.
  • “Intaqam” (1969): A suspense thriller where he played a lead role alongside Sadhana and Ashok Kumar.
  • “Mela” (1971): A family drama where he shared the screen with Feroz Khan and Mumtaz.

Sanjay Khan’s on-screen presence and acting skills contributed to his popularity during the 1960s and 1970s.

Television Productions: Sanjay Khan made a successful transition to television production with the epic historical drama “The Sword of Tipu Sultan” (1990).

The show was a grand production that portrayed the life of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. The series, however, faced controversy and legal issues.

Direction: Apart from acting and producing, Sanjay Khan also ventured into film direction. He directed and produced the film “Chandi Sona” (1977), starring himself along with Parveen Babi and Pran.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Sanjay Khan is known for his entrepreneurial spirit. Beyond the entertainment industry, he has been involved in various business ventures, including real estate and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Authorial Pursuits: In addition to his contributions to the film and television industry, Sanjay Khan explored authorial pursuits.

His autobiography, “The Best Mistakes of My Life,” provides insights into his personal and professional journey.

Real Estate Development: Sanjay Khan has been associated with real estate development. His involvement in this sector adds another dimension to his career beyond the realm of entertainment.

Sanjay Khan Personal Life

Sanjay Khan’s personal life has been marked by various facets, including marriages, family, and personal experiences.

Here’s an overview of Sanjay Khan’s personal life

Marriages: Sanjay Khan has been married twice:

  • Zarine Khan: Sanjay Khan’s first marriage was to Zarine Khan. The couple had four children together, including sons Zayed Khan and Simone Khan. The marriage, however, faced challenges and ultimately ended in a divorce.
  • Simone Khan: After his divorce from Zarine, Sanjay Khan married Simone Khan, an interior designer. The couple has two children together.

Children: Sanjay Khan is a father to a total of six children:

  • From the first marriage with Zarine Khan:
    • Zayed Khan: Zayed Khan followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor.
    • Sussanne Khan: Sussanne Khan is an interior designer.
  • From the second marriage with Simone Khan:
    • (Additional details about the two children from his second marriage are not extensively documented.)

Legacy in the Film Industry: Sanjay Khan comes from a family with a significant legacy in the Indian film industry. His father-in-law, Nawab Ahmed Ali Khan, was a renowned scriptwriter.

His children, especially Zayed Khan and Sussanne Khan, have also made their mark in the entertainment and design industries, respectively.

Authorial Pursuits: Sanjay Khan delved into authorial pursuits with the release of his autobiography titled “The Best Mistakes of My Life.”

The book provides insights into his personal and professional journey, giving readers a glimpse into the experiences that shaped his life.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Apart from his contributions to the entertainment industry, Sanjay Khan has been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, including real estate. His business acumen extends beyond acting, showcasing a diversified approach to his career.

Real Estate and Philanthropy:

Sanjay Khan has been associated with real estate development. Additionally, while specific details about his philanthropic activities are not extensively documented, celebrities often contribute to various social causes.

Name Change: Sanjay Khan was originally born as Shah Abbas Khan. However, he changed his name to Sanjay Khan during his acting career, which became the widely recognized identity.


Sanjay Khan’s journey from a celebrated actor to a multifaceted entrepreneur and author exemplifies his dynamic personality.

His contributions to the entertainment industry, business ventures, and literary pursuits underscore a legacy that extends beyond the silver screen.

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