Iliza Shlesinger, a prominent figure in the world of comedy, has carved out a successful career with her sharp wit, distinctive style, and relatable humor.

From winning “Last Comic Standing” to headlining her own Netflix specials and embarking on worldwide tours, Shlesinger has built a substantial net worth through her multifaceted career.

Here’s an in-depth look at Iliza Shlesinger’s net worth and the various factors contributing to her financial success

Iliza Shlesinger Net Worth

Iliza Shlesinger’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 Million. This figure reflects her diverse income streams, including stand-up comedy, television and film roles, book sales, podcasting, and brand endorsements.

Full NameIliza Vie Shlesinger
Birth DateFebruary 22, 1983
Birth PlaceNew YorkUnited States
ProfessionComedian, Actor
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$10 Million

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Iliza Shlesinger Assets

Iliza Shlesinger, a renowned comedian and actress, has accumulated significant wealth throughout her career. Shlesinger’s assets include real estate, luxury items, and various business investments.

Here’s a detailed look at Iliza Shlesinger’s assets and how they contribute to her overall financial portfolio

Los Angeles Home: One of Iliza Shlesinger’s primary assets is her home in Los Angeles, California.

In 2015, Shlesinger purchased a house in the Hollywood Hills, a popular area for celebrities. The property is known for its stunning views, modern amenities, and luxurious features, reflecting her success in the entertainment industry.

The value of this property has likely appreciated over the years, contributing significantly to her net worth.

Luxury Cars: While specifics about Iliza Shlesinger’s vehicle collection are not widely publicized, it is typical for high-net-worth individuals to own luxury cars.

Shlesinger’s success and lifestyle likely include high-end vehicles that provide both comfort and status.

Designer Clothing and Accessories: As a public figure who frequently appears at events, on tours, and on television, Shlesinger invests in designer clothing and accessories.

High-fashion items from renowned brands not only enhance her public image but also serve as valuable assets.

Jewelry: Luxury jewelry is another asset that Shlesinger likely possesses. Pieces from top designers can serve as both fashion statements and long-term investments due to their enduring value.

Business Ventures and Investments: Iliza Shlesinger has expanded her career beyond performing by getting involved in production.

She launched her own production company, which allows her to create content, manage projects, and retain a larger share of the profits from her work.

This business venture is a significant asset that contributes to her financial growth and creative control.

Book Sales: Shlesinger’s book, “Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity,” has been a commercial success.

The revenue generated from book sales adds to her financial assets. As an author, she may continue to receive royalties from her published works.

Podcast Revenue: Her podcast, “Ask Iliza Anything,” is another revenue-generating asset. Through sponsorships, advertisements, and potential merchandise sales, the podcast contributes to her overall wealth.

Brand Endorsements: Shlesinger’s strong social media presence makes her an attractive partner for brand endorsements.

These endorsements can be lucrative, providing her with additional income and enhancing her personal brand.

Diversification: Iliza Shlesinger’s asset portfolio is diversified, including real estate, luxury items, business ventures, and intellectual property. This diversification helps mitigate financial risks and ensures multiple streams of income.

Investment in Personal Brand: A significant portion of Shlesinger’s assets are tied to her personal brand. Her investments in high-quality production, fashion, and public appearances help maintain and grow her brand’s value, ensuring sustained success in her career.

Iliza Shlesinger Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$10 Million
Net Worth in 2023$8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$7 Million
Net Worth in 2021$5 Million
Net Worth in 2020$4 Million
Net Worth in 2019$3 Million

Iliza Shlesinger has steadily increased her net worth through a combination of talent, hard work, and strategic business ventures.

Starting from her early days in stand-up comedy to becoming a household name with Netflix specials and various entrepreneurial activities, Shlesinger’s financial journey is a testament to her dynamic career.

Iliza Shlesinger Early Life & Background

Iliza Shlesinger, known for her sharp wit and dynamic stage presence, has made a significant impact in the world of comedy.

Understanding her early life provides insight into the experiences and influences that shaped her into the successful comedian she is today.

Here’s a closer look at Iliza Shlesinger’s early life, from her family background to her formative years

Family Background and Childhood: Iliza Vie Shlesinger was born on February 22, 1983, in New York City. She was raised in a Jewish family and grew up in Dallas, Texas.

Her parents, who have always been supportive of her creative pursuits, played a crucial role in nurturing her talents from a young age.

Early Interests: From a young age, Shlesinger displayed a natural flair for performance and humor. Her quick wit and love for making people laugh were evident even during her childhood.

She often entertained her family and friends with her comedic antics, setting the stage for her future career in comedy.

Education and Early Influences: Shlesinger attended Greenhill School in Addison, Texas, where she was actively involved in the school’s theater program.

Her participation in theater productions helped her develop her performance skills and gain confidence on stage.

She was also a member of the school’s improvisation team, which further honed her comedic timing and ability to think on her feet.

College Years: After graduating from high school, Shlesinger pursued higher education at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Emerson is known for its strong focus on communication and the arts, providing an ideal environment for Shlesinger to refine her craft.

She majored in film and honed her comedic skills as part of the college’s comedy sketch group, “Jimmy’s Traveling All-Stars.”

This experience allowed her to explore different facets of comedy, from writing and performing sketches to understanding the intricacies of comedic timing and delivery.

Move to Los Angeles: Determined to pursue a career in comedy, Shlesinger moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Emerson College.

The vibrant comedy scene in LA provided numerous opportunities for her to perform at various venues and open mics.

She quickly immersed herself in the local comedy circuit, performing regularly at clubs such as The Improv, The Comedy Store, and The Laugh Factory.

Stand-Up Comedy: Shlesinger’s early stand-up routines were characterized by her observational humor and energetic delivery.

She drew inspiration from her own experiences and observations, often discussing topics related to gender, relationships, and everyday life. Her unique perspective and relatable humor helped her quickly gain a following.

Breakthrough with “Last Comic Standing”: Iliza Shlesinger’s big break came in 2008 when she competed on the sixth season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

Her sharp wit, engaging stage presence, and undeniable talent won over both the judges and the audience, ultimately leading to her victory in the competition.

Winning “Last Comic Standing” not only provided her with a substantial cash prize but also significantly boosted her visibility and credibility in the comedy world.

Iliza Shlesinger Career

Iliza Shlesinger has established herself as one of the most prominent comedians of her generation. Her career spans stand-up comedy, television, film, writing, and more, reflecting her versatility and talent.

Here’s an in-depth look at Iliza Shlesinger’s career journey, highlighting her major achievements and contributions to the entertainment industry

Breakthrough: Last Comic Standing: Iliza Shlesinger’s career took a significant leap forward in 2008 when she won the sixth season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

This victory made her the first woman and the youngest contestant to ever win the competition.

The win provided her with national exposure, a cash prize, and a one-year talent holding deal with NBC, which opened many doors in her burgeoning career.

Stand-Up Comedy Specials: Shlesinger is best known for her stand-up comedy specials, many of which are available on Netflix.

These specials have been instrumental in establishing her as a top-tier comedian

  1. “War Paint” (2013): Her debut special, which showcased her energetic and insightful humor.
  2. “Freezing Hot” (2015): Focused on her experiences as a woman and her observations on social norms.
  3. “Confirmed Kills” (2016): Featured her unique blend of personal anecdotes and sharp observations.
  4. “Elder Millennial” (2018): Addressed the challenges and realizations of entering her 30s.
  5. “Unveiled” (2019): Explored her experiences with marriage and wedding planning.
  6. “Hot Forever” (2022): Continued to delve into themes of life, aging, and societal expectations.

These specials have garnered critical acclaim and a large audience, significantly contributing to her fame and financial success.

Tours: Iliza’s stand-up tours have been highly successful, with sold-out shows across the United States and internationally.

Her tours, such as the “Elder Millennial Tour” and the “Forever Tour,” have further solidified her reputation as a leading stand-up comedian.

Television and Hosting: In 2017, Shlesinger launched her late-night talk show, “Truth & Iliza,” on Freeform.

The show allowed her to blend her comedic style with social commentary, featuring interviews, sketches, and monologues. Although it lasted for one season, it showcased her versatility as a host and commentator.

Other TV Appearances: Shlesinger has appeared on various television shows, including “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and “Chelsea Lately.”

These appearances have helped her reach a wider audience and showcase her comedic talent on different platforms.

Film and Acting: Shlesinger has expanded her career into film, taking on roles in several movies:

  • “Instant Family” (2018): A comedy-drama where she played a supporting role.
  • “Pieces of a Woman” (2020): A dramatic role in a critically acclaimed film.
  • “Good on Paper” (2021): A semi-autobiographical comedy film that she wrote and starred in. The film was based on her own experiences with a deceptive relationship and showcased her skills as both a writer and an actress.

Writing: Iliza Shlesinger is also an accomplished author. In 2017, she published “Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity,” a book that combines humor with insights into the female thought process. The book has been well-received and adds another dimension to her career.

Podcasting: Shlesinger hosts the popular podcast “Ask Iliza Anything,” where she offers advice and shares her comedic insights on a variety of topics.

The podcast has a loyal following and generates income through sponsorships and advertisements.

Brand Endorsements and Social Media: Shlesinger has a strong presence on social media, with millions of followers across platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

This presence has made her an attractive partner for brand endorsements and sponsored content, adding to her revenue streams.

Iliza Shlesinger Personal Life

Iliza Shlesinger, known for her sharp comedic talent and vibrant stage presence, also leads a rich and engaging personal life.

Balancing her career and personal endeavors, Shlesinger offers a glimpse into her world beyond the spotlight.

Here’s a closer look at Iliza Shlesinger’s personal life, including her family, relationships, interests, and philanthropic efforts

Family Background and Early Influences: Iliza Vie Shlesinger was born on February 22, 1983, in New York City, and raised in Dallas, Texas.

She grew up in a Jewish family with supportive parents who encouraged her creative pursuits from a young age.

Her early experiences in theater and comedy were pivotal in shaping her future career, with her family playing a crucial role in nurturing her talents.

Marriage: Iliza Shlesinger is married to Noah Galuten, a chef and food writer. The couple got engaged in 2017 and tied the knot on May 12, 2018.

Their wedding took place in Los Angeles and was celebrated with friends and family. Shlesinger often shares glimpses of her life with Noah on social media, highlighting their adventures and mutual support.

Family Life: In January 2022, Iliza and Noah welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sierra Mae.

Shlesinger has spoken about how motherhood has impacted her life and career, bringing new perspectives and experiences into her comedy.

Fitness and Wellness: Iliza Shlesinger is known for her dedication to fitness and wellness. She often incorporates her fitness journey into her comedy routines and social media posts, sharing her workouts and healthy lifestyle tips with her followers.

Her commitment to staying active is evident in her high-energy performances and overall approach to life.

Animal Lover: Shlesinger is a passionate animal lover, particularly fond of dogs. She frequently shares photos and stories of her pets, including her beloved dog, Blanche, who became a well-known figure among her fans.

After Blanche passed away in 2020, Shlesinger continued to advocate for animal adoption and care, reflecting her deep love for animals.

Cooking and Food: With a husband who is a chef, it’s no surprise that Shlesinger has an interest in cooking and food.

The couple often experiments with recipes and enjoys exploring different cuisines, blending their culinary interests with their personal lives.

Charity Work: Iliza Shlesinger is actively involved in various charitable causes and uses her platform to advocate for issues she cares about.

She has supported organizations focused on animal welfare, mental health, and women’s rights. Her commitment to giving back is an important aspect of her personal life, demonstrating her desire to make a positive impact beyond her comedy career.

Advocacy: Shlesinger is also a vocal advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. Through her comedy, writing, and public appearances, she addresses issues related to gender equality, societal expectations, and personal empowerment.

Her book, “Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity,” delves into these themes, offering both humor and insight.

Public Persona and Social Media: Iliza Shlesinger maintains a strong connection with her fans through social media.

She regularly shares updates on her personal and professional life, engaging with followers through humorous posts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and personal reflections.

Her authenticity and relatability have helped her build a loyal fan base that appreciates her candid approach.

Personal Insights: In interviews and podcasts, Shlesinger often shares personal stories and experiences, providing insight into her life offstage.

Her podcast, “Ask Iliza Anything,” allows her to connect with listeners on a deeper level, offering advice and discussing a wide range of topics, from career advice to personal dilemmas.


Iliza Shlesinger’s net worth is a testament to her talent, hard work, and business acumen. From her early days in comedy clubs to becoming a household name with Netflix specials, she has built a successful career that continues to grow.

Her ability to diversify her income through various channels, including live performances, media projects, and endorsements, has solidified her status as one of the most successful comedians of her generation.

As she continues to expand her creative endeavors, Shlesinger’s net worth is likely to increase, reflecting her ongoing influence and success in the entertainment industry.


What is Iliza Shlesinger’s net worth?

Iliza Shlesinger’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 Million. This figure reflects her diverse income streams, including stand-up comedy, television and film roles, book sales, podcasting, and brand endorsements.

How did Iliza Shlesinger earn her wealth?

Iliza Shlesinger earned her wealth through a combination of

  • Stand-Up Comedy: Her numerous stand-up specials on Netflix, including “War Paint,” “Freezing Hot,” “Confirmed Kills,” “Elder Millennial,” “Unveiled,” and “Hot Forever,” have been highly successful.
  • Tours: She has conducted several sold-out comedy tours across the U.S. and internationally.
  • Television: Shlesinger has hosted and appeared on various TV shows, such as “Truth & Iliza” and “Last Comic Standing,” where she first gained national recognition.
  • Film Roles: She has acted in movies like “Instant Family” and “Pieces of a Woman” and wrote and starred in “Good on Paper.”
  • Writing: Her book “Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity” has contributed to her income.
  • Podcasting: Her podcast “Ask Iliza Anything” generates revenue through sponsorships and advertisements.
  • Brand Endorsements: She has leveraged her social media presence for lucrative brand endorsements.

How much does Iliza Shlesinger make from her Netflix specials?

It is known that Netflix pays substantial sums for exclusive content from top comedians. Iliza Shlesinger’s Netflix specials are a significant part of her income, likely contributing millions to her net worth over the years.

Does Iliza Shlesinger have any other sources of income?

Yes, in addition to her comedy and entertainment ventures, Iliza Shlesinger has diversified her income through

  • Book Sales: Her book “Girl Logic” adds to her earnings through royalties.
  • Podcasting: Revenue from her podcast, “Ask Iliza Anything.”
  • Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships: Income from collaborations with brands on social media.
  • Production Company: Involvement in her own production projects, allowing her to retain more profits from her creative work.

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