Kunal Kamra is an Indian stand-up comedian known for his socio-political commentary. He gained popularity for his outspoken views on various issues.

Apart from stand-up comedy, Kunal Kamra is also known for his podcast, “Shut Up Ya Kunal,” where he engages in conversations with politicians, journalists, and public figures.

Kunal Kamra Net Worth

Kunal Kamra’s net worth is around $2 Million. As his subscriber count and viewership increased, so did his income from YouTube and other ventures.

Full NameKunal Kemmu 
Birth DateOctober 3, 1988
Birth PlaceMumbai, India
ProfessionYouTuber, Comedian,
Marital StatusN/A
Net Worth$2 Million

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Kunal Kamra Assets

Kunal Kamra’s assets, including properties, investments, or other holdings, were not publicly disclosed or widely available.

Kunal Kamra, being a private individual, may not publicly share comprehensive information about his financial assets.

Kunal Kamra Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$2 Million
Net Worth in 2023$1.8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$1.6 Million
Net Worth in 2021$1.5 Million
Net Worth in 2020$1.3 Million
Net Worth in 2019$1.1 Million

Kunal Kamra’s net worth figures for public figures, especially those in the entertainment industry, can change based on various factors, including new projects, investments, endorsements, and market trends.

Kunal Kamra Early Life & Background

Kunal Kamra is an Indian stand-up comedian and political commentator known for his sharp and satirical take on socio-political issues.

Kunal Kamra Career

Kunal Kamra’s career has been primarily centered around comedy, particularly stand-up comedy.

Here’s an overview of his career

Stand-up Comedy: Kunal Kamra gained popularity as a stand-up comedian known for his sharp and often controversial humor.

He addresses various social and political issues in his acts, offering a satirical take on current affairs.

YouTube Channel: Kunal Kamra is active on YouTube, where he uploads videos that include not only snippets from his stand-up acts but also segments where he discusses and comments on political matters.

Kunal Kamra’s content is characterized by its critical perspective on Indian politics and societal issues.

Podcast: He hosts a podcast titled “Shut Up Ya Kunal,” where he engages in conversations with various guests, including politicians, activists, and journalists. These discussions cover a wide range of topics, providing a platform for diverse voices.

Political Commentary: Kunal Kamra is also known for his outspoken views on political matters.

He has been vocal on social media platforms, sharing his opinions on contemporary issues, especially those related to Indian politics.

Controversies: Kunal Kamra has been involved in several controversies due to his satirical commentary, particularly when it comes to criticizing political figures.

His confrontational style has led to debates about freedom of expression and comedy in the public sphere.

Kunal Kamra Personal Life

Kunal Kamra’s personal life is not extensively available, as he tends to keep his private life relatively private.

However, here are some general aspects

Early Life: Kunal Kamra was born on October 2, 1988, in Mahim, Mumbai, India.

Education: He studied at the Don Bosco Institute of Technology in Mumbai.

Career Transition: Before entering the world of comedy, Kunal Kamra worked in the IT sector. His transition to comedy happened gradually, driven by a passion for humor and a desire to express his views on societal issues.

Political Views: Kunal Kamra is known for his outspoken and often controversial political commentary.

He has been critical of the Indian government and has expressed his views on issues ranging from freedom of expression to social justice.

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