Elettra Marianne Pons Maronese, known professionally as Lele Pons, is a multi-talented entertainer who has left an indelible mark on the digital world.

Born on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela, Lele Pons rose to prominence through her engaging content on various social media platforms.

Lele Pons Net Worth

Lele Pons’ net worth is around $10 Million. Her earnings come from a combination of social media partnerships, acting roles, music releases, and business ventures.

Full NameEleonora Pons Maronese
Birth DateJune 25, 1996
Birth PlaceCaracas, Venezuela
ProfessionActress, YouTuber,
Singer, Internet celebrity
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$10 Million

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Lele Pons Assets

Lele Pons’ specific assets, such as real estate holdings, cars, or investments, may not be publicly available. Celebrities often keep personal details about their assets private.

Lele Pons Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$10 Million
Net Worth in 2023$9.8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$9.6 Million
Net Worth in 2021$9.4 Million
Net Worth in 2020$9.2 Million
Net Worth in 2019$9.1 Million

Lele Pons’s net worth can fluctuate based on various factors, including new projects, endorsements, investments, and other financial activities.

Lele Pons Early Life & Background

Lele Pons, whose full name is Eleonora Pons Maronese, was born on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela. She is a social media personality, actress, singer, and author.

Here’s a brief overview of her early life

Background: Lele Pons was born into a wealthy family in Venezuela. Her father, Luis Pons, is a successful businessman, and her mother, Anna Maronese, is a doctor.

Education: She attended a bilingual school in Venezuela, where she learned to speak both English and Spanish. Lele later moved to the United States for further studies.

Vine Success: Lele gained initial fame through the now-defunct video-sharing platform Vine. Her comedic sketches and short videos quickly gained popularity, making her one of the most-followed personalities on the platform.

Move to Los Angeles: To pursue her career in entertainment, Lele Pons moved to Los Angeles. She transitioned from Vine to other platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

Career Beginnings: Lele expanded her career to include acting, singing, and hosting. She appeared in various television shows and movies and collaborated with other influencers.

Social Media Stardom: Lele is known for her energetic and humorous content on social media platforms. She has amassed millions of followers across Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

Authorship: In 2016, Lele Pons released her first novel titled “Surviving High School.” The book, co-written with Melissa de la Cruz, explores themes of friendship and self-discovery.

Lele Pons Career

Lele Pons has built a diverse career spanning social media, acting, music, and authorship.

Here’s an overview of her career

Social Media Stardom: Lele rose to fame through Vine, where her short comedic sketches and videos garnered millions of views. She quickly became one of the most-followed Viners.

After Vine shut down, she transitioned to other platforms, especially Instagram and YouTube, where she continued to create content that resonated with a wide audience.

Acting: Lele Pons ventured into acting and appeared in various television shows and movies. She acted in the TV series “Scream,” and she had a role in the movie “The Space Between Us.”

Music: In addition to her success in the digital realm, Lele explored her passion for music. She released several singles, often in collaboration with other artists. Her music includes tracks like “Celoso” and “Bloqueo.”

Hosting and Presenting: Lele has been involved in hosting and presenting. She co-hosted the MTV Millennial Awards in 2014 and presented at the Teen Choice Awards.

Authorship: Lele Pons co-authored her first novel, “Surviving High School,” in 2016. The book, co-written with Melissa de la Cruz, is a fictional work that explores themes of friendship and self-discovery.

Entrepreneurship: Beyond her creative pursuits, Lele has ventured into entrepreneurship. She has her own jewelry line and has collaborated with various brands.

YouTube Ventures: Lele’s YouTube channel features a mix of vlogs, challenges, and collaborative videos with other influencers.

She has consistently leveraged YouTube as a platform to engage with her audience and showcase her personality.

Lele Pons Personal Life

Lele Pons has been relatively private about her personal life, especially in comparison to her public presence on social media.

However, here are some aspects of her personal life

Early Life: Lele Pons was born on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela. She moved to the United States at a young age and later became a naturalized American citizen.

Family: Lele has featured her family members, especially her mother, in some of her videos. She has shared moments with her family on social media, and her close relationship with her mother is evident.

Mental Health Advocacy: Lele has been open about her struggles with mental health, including her experiences with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and Tourette syndrome.

She has used her platform to raise awareness about mental health issues and to support others who may be going through similar challenges.

Friendships: Lele is known for her friendships with other social media influencers. Collaborative videos and posts with fellow creators are common on her social media channels.

Philanthropy: Apart from her career in entertainment, Lele Pons has engaged in philanthropy and charity work. She has been involved in initiatives supporting causes such as disaster relief and children’s health.


Lele Pons continues to evolve as a multifaceted entertainer, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

From her early days on Vine to her current status as a global social media icon, Lele’s journey is a testament to her creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit.


What is Lele Pons’ net worth?

Lele Pons’ net worth is around $10 Million. Her earnings come from a combination of social media partnerships, acting roles, music releases, and business ventures.

How did Lele Pons make her money?

Lele Pons has earned money through various avenues. She initially gained popularity on platforms like Vine and Instagram for her comedic sketches. She has also ventured into acting, music, and modeling.

Additionally, brand partnerships, endorsements, and sponsored content on social media contribute to her income. Lele Pons has also been involved in philanthropy.

What are Lele Pons’ business ventures?

Apart from her career in entertainment, Lele Pons has been involved in several business ventures. She has released music, collaborated with brands for endorsements, and has her own merchandise line.

Is Lele Pons involved in acting?

Yes, Lele Pons has ventured into acting. She has appeared in movies and TV shows, expanding her presence beyond short-form content on social media. Her work in the entertainment industry has contributed to her overall net worth.

Does Lele Pons have other sources of income?

In addition to social media, acting, and music, Lele Pons has diversified her income streams. She earns through brand partnerships, sponsored content, and her business ventures.

Additionally, her philanthropic activities and public speaking engagements may contribute to her earnings.

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