Pooh Shiesty, born as Lontrell Williams Jr., has quickly become one of the most promising names in the rap industry.

With his raw talent, captivating lyrics, and unique style, he has garnered a significant following and achieved remarkable success in a short span of time.

As a result, many people are curious about Pooh Shiesty’s net worth and how his financial fortunes have evolved throughout his career.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

While it’s challenging to determine an exact figure for Pooh Shiesty’s net worth, various sources estimate it to be in the range of $2 million

However, it’s important to note that net worth figures can fluctuate over time due to various factors, including music sales, concert earnings, brand endorsements, and investments.

Full NameLontrell Denell Williams Jr
Birth DateNovember 8, 1999
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$2 Million

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Pooh Shiesty Assets

While specific details about Pooh Shiesty’s assets are not publicly disclosed, it is not uncommon for successful musicians to acquire various assets as their careers flourish.

As his net worth has grown, Pooh Shiesty may have invested in luxury vehicles, such as sports cars or customized vehicles, to showcase his personal style and success.

Additionally, he may own or rent upscale properties, including luxurious homes or penthouses, to provide comfort and privacy.

It is worth noting that artists often invest in jewelry and fashion, including designer clothing and accessories, to complement their image and enhance their stage presence.

Furthermore, Pooh Shiesty’s assets could extend to valuable collectibles, art, and other investments that align with his personal interests and financial goals.

However, without specific information from credible sources or public statements, it is challenging to provide a comprehensive list of his assets.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$2 Million
Net Worth in 2023$1.8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$1.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$1.2 Million
Net Worth in 2020$1 Million
Net Worth in 2019$0.8 Million

Pooh Shiesty’s net worth has experienced significant growth as his music career has taken off. Born on November 8, 1999, as Lontrell Dennell Williams Jr., Pooh Shiesty quickly made a name for himself in the world of hip-hop.

Pooh Shiesty gained attention with his debut mixtape “Shiesty Season” released in 2020, which featured popular tracks like “Back in Blood” and “Guard Up.”

These songs received widespread acclaim and solidified his position in the rap scene. His unique style, authentic lyrics, and energetic performances have garnered him a dedicated fan base and contributed to his rise in popularity.

As a result of his growing success, Pooh Shiesty’s net worth has seen remarkable growth. While the exact figure of his net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is estimated to be in the millions.

His income is derived from various sources, including music sales, streaming platforms, live performances, merchandise sales, endorsements, and collaborations with other artists.

Furthermore, Pooh Shiesty has been signed to the record label 1017 Records, founded by rapper Gucci Mane.

This partnership has provided him with additional opportunities and exposure in the industry. With his talent, work ethic, and increasing popularity,

Pooh Shiesty’s net worth is expected to continue its upward trajectory as he releases new music, performs at concerts and events, and explores other avenues within the entertainment industry.

Pooh Shiesty Early Life & Background

Pooh Shiesty, whose real name is Lontrell Dennell Williams Jr., was born on November 8, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Growing up in the city known for its vibrant music scene, Pooh Shiesty was exposed to various genres of music from an early age.

Not much is publicly known about Pooh Shiesty’s early life and upbringing, as he has kept his personal details relatively private. However, it is evident that music played a significant role in shaping his life and career.

Pooh Shiesty developed a passion for music at a young age and began writing and recording his own songs.

He was influenced by various artists, including Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, and Project Pat, who hail from Memphis and have made significant contributions to the rap industry.

Growing up in a challenging environment, Pooh Shiesty’s music reflects his experiences and provides a glimpse into the realities of street life.

His raw and authentic storytelling has resonated with listeners, helping him gain a dedicated fan base.

Despite facing obstacles, Pooh Shiesty remained focused on his music aspirations and worked tirelessly to hone his skills.

He recognized the power of music as a means of self-expression and used it as an outlet to share his perspective on life.

Pooh Shiesty’s early life experiences, combined with his musical talents, laid the foundation for his future success in the industry.

As he continued to develop his craft, he caught the attention of key figures in the music scene, leading to significant opportunities and a breakthrough in his career.

Pooh Shiesty Career

Pooh Shiesty’s career in the music industry began to gain traction in the mid-2010s. He initially started releasing music independently on various online platforms, generating a buzz and attracting a growing fan base.

His gritty and authentic style, coupled with his captivating storytelling, set him apart from other emerging artists.

In 2020, Pooh Shiesty caught the attention of Gucci Mane, a renowned rapper and founder of 1017 Records. Gucci Mane signed Pooh Shiesty to his label, recognizing his talent and potential.

This partnership opened doors for Pooh Shiesty, providing him with access to a wider audience and industry resources.

Pooh Shiesty’s breakout moment came with the release of his hit single “Back in Blood” featuring rapper Lil Durk in late 2020.

The track garnered significant attention and became a commercial success, peaking at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song’s success propelled Pooh Shiesty into the mainstream spotlight and solidified his position as a rising star in the rap scene.

Following the success of “Back in Blood,” Pooh Shiesty continued to release music that resonated with his fans.

His mixtapes, such as “Shiesty Season” and “Shiesty Season 2,” showcased his lyrical skills, energetic delivery, and engaging storytelling. These projects further cemented his place in the industry and earned him critical acclaim.

Pooh Shiesty’s collaborations with prominent artists, including Lil Baby, Foogiano, and Moneybagg Yo, have further expanded his reach and showcased his versatility as an artist.

His music often explores themes of street life, struggles, and triumphs, resonating with listeners who appreciate his authenticity.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Pooh Shiesty has built a strong presence on social media platforms, engaging with his fans and providing insights into his personal life and creative process.

His charismatic personality and dedication to his craft have endeared him to his followers and helped him cultivate a loyal fan base.

Pooh Shiesty’s career continues to thrive, and he is expected to make further strides in the industry.

With his talent, work ethic, and growing popularity, he is poised to solidify his position as one of the prominent voices in modern rap.

Pooh Shiesty Personal Life

Pooh Shiesty, whose real name is Lontrell Williams Jr., prefers to keep his personal life relatively private.

However, here are some details known about his personal life.

Pooh Shiesty was born on November 8, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up in the city’s South Memphis neighborhood, which has a reputation for its vibrant music scene and deep-rooted influence on hip-hop culture.

Growing up in an environment surrounded by street life and its challenges, Pooh Shiesty’s music often reflects his personal experiences and the realities of the communities he comes from.

While not much is publicly known about his family and upbringing, it is clear that Pooh Shiesty has drawn inspiration from his surroundings and translated those experiences into his music.

He has mentioned in interviews that he turned to music as an outlet to express himself and share his story.

Pooh Shiesty’s personal life has been intertwined with his music career, and he often incorporates elements of his lifestyle and experiences into his songs.

His lyrics often touch on themes such as street life, struggles, and perseverance, offering a glimpse into his personal journey and the challenges he has overcome.

As his career continues to progress, Pooh Shiesty has been focused on building his brand and solidifying his place in the music industry.

While he maintains a relatively low-key personal presence, he has garnered a significant following and continues to engage with his fans through social media platforms.


Pooh Shiesty’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $2 million, primarily driven by his successful music career, including hit songs, concert performances, and potential business ventures.

However, it’s important to remember that these figures are approximate and subject to change as his career progresses.

Regardless of his financial standing, Pooh Shiesty’s impact on the rap scene and his devoted fan base solidify his position as a rising star in the music industry.


What is Pooh Shiesty’s net worth?

Pooh Shiesty’s net worth is around $2 Million. The net worth of individuals can be influenced by various factors such as earnings from music sales, streaming royalties, concert tours, brand endorsements, and investments. It’s worth noting that net worth can change over time due to various financial factors and career developments.

How much money does Pooh Shiesty make from his music?

The specific amount of money Pooh Shiesty earns from his music can vary based on factors such as album sales, streaming revenue, and concert performances.

Artists typically earn income from their music through royalties from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, as well as from merchandise sales and concert ticket sales.

The exact earnings from these sources can vary greatly depending on the artist’s popularity, the success of their releases, and their contractual agreements.

Does Pooh Shiesty have any endorsement deals?

There haven’t been any widely reported endorsement deals involving Pooh Shiesty. However, it’s not uncommon for artists to collaborate with brands and enter into endorsement agreements as their careers progress and their popularity grows.

Endorsement deals can provide additional sources of income for artists through brand partnerships and promotional campaigns.

What are some of Pooh Shiesty’s notable achievements in his career?

Pooh Shiesty has gained recognition and achieved notable milestones in his career. His debut mixtape, “Shiesty Season,” released in 2020, received positive reviews and helped establish his presence in the hip-hop scene.

He has also collaborated with prominent artists like Lil Durk and Gucci Mane, further expanding his reach and exposure.

Pooh Shiesty’s music videos have amassed millions of views on platforms like YouTube, indicating his growing popularity. These achievements contribute to his overall career trajectory and potential financial success.

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