Pooja Hegde, a name synonymous with beauty, talent, and versatility, has made a significant mark in the Indian entertainment industry.

With her stunning looks and exceptional acting prowess, she has managed to capture the hearts of audiences across the country.

As one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood, Pooja Hegde’s net worth reflects her success and achievements.

In this article, we delve into Pooja Hegde’s journey, her notable works, and the factors contributing to his net worth.

Pooja Hegde Net Worth

Pooja Hegde’s net worth is around $8 Million . Her earnings come from a combination of acting fees, brand endorsements, and other ventures.

With her consistent growth and expanding fan base, Pooja Hegde is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Full NamePooja Hegde
Birth DateOctober 13, 1990
Birth PlaceMumbai, India
ProfessionActress, Model
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$8 Million

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Pooja Hegde Assets

Pooja Hegde, the talented Bollywood actress and former beauty queen, has not only achieved fame and recognition but has also accumulated a significant amount of assets over the years.

Her success in the film industry and her various endorsements have contributed to her growing wealth.

Here are some insights into Pooja Hegde’s assets

Luxurious Homes: Successful Bollywood stars often invest in luxury properties, and Pooja Hegde is no exception.

She is rumored to own a lavish apartment in Mumbai, which is not only a comfortable living space but also a valuable asset.

Vehicles: Pooja Hegde’s net worth has allowed her to indulge in luxury vehicles. While there is no comprehensive list of her cars, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to own high-end cars that add to their overall net worth.

Jewelry and Accessories: As a style icon and celebrity, Pooja Hegde is likely to own a collection of high-end jewelry, watches, and accessories. These items can add significant value to her overall assets.

Investments: Apart from her earnings from films and endorsements, Pooja Hegde may have made smart investment choices that have contributed to her net worth growth. These investments could range from stocks and real estate to business ventures.

Endorsement Deals: Pooja Hegde has been associated with several brands and products as a celebrity endorser.

These endorsement deals not only provide her with a substantial income but also contribute to her overall net worth.

Art and Collectibles: Like many successful individuals, Pooja Hegde might have invested in valuable art pieces, collectibles, or other items that appreciate in value over time.

Other Ventures: Besides her acting career, Pooja Hegde may have other sources of income, such as participating in events, attending award shows, and guest appearances, which can all contribute to her assets.

Pooja Hegde Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$8 Million
Net Worth in 2023$7.8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$7.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$7.2 Million
Net Worth in 2020$7 Million
Net Worth in 2019$6.5 Million

Pooja Hegde’s net worth has shown a significant growth trajectory since she entered the entertainment industry.

From her debut in the world of acting to her subsequent successes, endorsements, and brand collaborations, her net worth has steadily increased over the years.

Here’s an overview of Pooja Hegde’s net worth growth

Early Career: Pooja Hegde made her acting debut in the Tamil film “Mugamoodi” in 2012. She then made her Bollywood debut with “Mohenjo Daro” alongside Hrithik Roshan in 2016. These early projects helped her establish a presence in the industry.

South Indian Film Industry: Pooja Hegde gained significant popularity in the South Indian film industry with successful movies like “Duvvada Jagannadham” (2017),

“Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava” (2018), and “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo” (2020). These films contributed to her rising fame and earnings.

Bollywood Success: Pooja Hegde’s Bollywood career gained momentum with films like “Housefull 4” (2019) and “Gaddalakonda Ganesh” (2019).

Her success in both the South Indian and Bollywood film industries boosted her demand and consequently her earnings.

Endorsements and Brand Collaborations: Pooja Hegde’s popularity also led to various endorsement deals with prominent brands.

Her association with these brands not only added to her income but also increased her overall net worth.

Continued Success: With each successful film and project, Pooja Hegde’s demand as an actress continued to grow.

Her performances and choice of roles contributed to her success, leading to higher paychecks and further increasing her net worth.

Rise in Remuneration: As Pooja Hegde’s popularity and reputation in the film industry soared, so did her remuneration.

A combination of box office hits, critical acclaim, and a strong fan base allowed her to negotiate better contracts and fees for her work.

Pooja Hegde Early Life & Background

Pooja Hegde was born on October 13, 1990, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She hails from a Mangalorean family and is of Tuluva descent.

Her father, Manjunath Hegde, is a businessman, and her mother, Latha Hegde, is a dermatologist. Pooja also has a brother named Rishabh Hegde.

She completed her schooling at the M.M.K. College in Mumbai and later pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the same college.

After completing her graduation, Pooja Hegde wanted to become an actress, and she started preparing herself for a career in the entertainment industry.

Pooja was also interested in dance from a young age and was trained in various dance forms like Bharatanatyam and Western dance. Her passion for dancing played a significant role in shaping her career.

In 2009, Pooja participated in the Miss India South beauty pageant and won the title of Miss India South Runner-up, as well as Miss Talented.

This recognition opened doors for her in the modeling world, and she started working as a model for various brands and advertisements.

Pooja Hegde’s dream of becoming an actress came true when she made her acting debut in the Tamil film “Mugamoodi” in 2012.

However, it was her second film, the Telugu movie “Oka Laila Kosam” (2014), that gained her recognition in the South Indian film industry.

Since then, Pooja Hegde’s career has been on an upward trajectory. She has appeared in several successful Telugu and Hindi films, including “Mohenjo Daro” (2016), “Duvvada Jagannadham” (2017),

“Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava” (2018), “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo” (2020), and “Radhe Shyam” (2022), among others.

Pooja Hegde’s combination of talent, beauty, and dedication has made her one of the most sought-after actresses in the South Indian film industry.

With her versatile acting skills and growing popularity, she continues to be a prominent figure in Indian cinema.

Pooja Hegde Career

Pooja Hegde is a talented and versatile Indian actress who has made a significant mark in both the South Indian and Bollywood film industries.

Her career journey is a testament to her dedication, acting prowess, and ability to excel in diverse roles.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Pooja Hegde’s career

Early Life and Education: Pooja Hegde was born on October 13, 1990, in Mumbai, India. She completed her schooling at the M.M.K. College in Mumbai and later pursued a degree in Commerce from the same institution.

While in college, Pooja was an active participant in beauty pageants, which eventually opened the doors to the world of showbiz.

Beauty Pageants and Modeling: Pooja Hegde’s journey into the entertainment industry began with her participation in beauty pageants.

She was crowned as the second runner-up in the Miss Universe India 2010 competition. This recognition paved the way for her career in modeling.

Pooja appeared in several commercials for renowned brands, which helped her gain recognition and popularity.

Film Debut: Pooja made her acting debut in the Tamil superhero film “Mugamoodi” in 2012, directed by Mysskin. While the film didn’t achieve significant success, it marked her entry into the film industry.

South Indian Film Industry: Pooja gained widespread recognition and popularity in the South Indian film industry.

She made her Telugu film debut with “Oka Laila Kosam” (2014), which earned her positive reviews for her performance.

Her roles in films like “Duvvada Jagannadham” (2017), “Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava” (2018), and “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo” (2020) further established her as a leading actress in the Telugu film industry.

Bollywood Breakthrough: Pooja Hegde made her Bollywood debut with the historical drama film “Mohenjo Daro” (2016), opposite Hrithik Roshan and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

Despite the film’s mixed reception, Pooja’s performance was appreciated, and her entry into Bollywood garnered attention.

Recognition and Success: Pooja’s career witnessed a turning point with the romantic comedy film “Housefull 4” (2019), which emerged as a commercial success.

Her portrayal of a princess in a reincarnation comedy earned her praise and marked her prominence in Bollywood.

Continued Ventures: Pooja Hegde’s subsequent projects included films like “Gaddalakonda Ganesh” (2019) and “Radhe Shyam” (upcoming),

where she stars alongside Prabhas. Her choice of diverse roles and genres highlights her versatility as an actress.

Endorsements and Brand Collaborations: Pooja Hegde’s popularity also extended beyond films, as she became a sought-after choice for endorsements and brand collaborations. Her association with various brands added to her visibility and overall appeal.

Pooja Hegde Personal Life

Pooja Hegde’s personal life is a blend of her Indian roots, her career aspirations, and her love for travel and exploration.

Despite her busy schedule in the entertainment industry, she has managed to maintain a balanced and private personal life.

Here’s a glimpse into Pooja Hegde’s personal life

Family Background: Pooja Hegde was born into a middle-class family in Mumbai, India. Her father, Manjunath Hegde, is a well-known lawyer, while her mother,

Latha Hegde, is a professional classical dancer. Pooja has an elder brother named Rishabh Hegde.

She shares a close bond with her family and often shares glimpses of her time spent with them on social media.

Education and Interests: Pooja completed her schooling at M.M.K. College in Mumbai and later pursued a degree in Commerce. Apart from her acting career,

Pooja is known to have a keen interest in classical dance and has trained in Bharatanatyam for several years. Her passion for dance is evident in her performances and appearances at various events.

Fitness and Wellness: Pooja Hegde is a fitness enthusiast and believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She regularly engages in workouts and follows a balanced diet to stay in shape.

Her dedication to fitness is evident from her social media posts, where she often shares glimpses of her workout routines and healthy meals.

Love for Travel: Pooja’s Instagram is a testament to her love for travel. She often shares pictures and stories from her adventures around the world.

Her travel experiences range from picturesque beaches to bustling cities, showcasing her wanderlust and exploratory nature.

Fashion and Style: Pooja Hegde is known for her impeccable fashion sense and style. She often graces red carpets and events in stunning outfits that showcase her elegance and trendsetting choices. Her fashion choices have earned her a place in various fashion magazines and style lists.

Philanthropic Efforts: Pooja Hegde is also involved in philanthropic activities. She has participated in various initiatives and campaigns aimed at creating awareness about social issues and contributing to charitable causes.

Privacy and Media Interaction: While Pooja Hegde maintains an active presence on social media, she also values her privacy.

She is selective about sharing personal details and prefers to focus on her professional endeavors. Her interactions with the media are primarily centered around her work and projects.


Pooja Hegde’s journey from a model to a leading Bollywood actress is an inspiring tale of hard work, talent, and determination.

Her net worth is a testament to her success and the impact she has made in the world of entertainment.

With numerous projects in the pipeline and a bright future ahead, Pooja Hegde continues to shine as one of India’s most promising and beloved actresses.


What is Pooja Hegde’s net worth?

Pooja Hegde’s net worth is around $8 Million USD. However, please note that net worth figures can change over time due to factors such as career earnings, endorsements, investments, and other financial activities.

How did Pooja Hegde make her fortune?

Pooja Hegde made her fortune primarily through her successful career as an actress in the Indian film industry.

She has appeared in several commercially successful films, which have contributed significantly to her earnings.

Additionally, like many Bollywood actors, she may have endorsement deals and brand collaborations that further boost her income.

What are some of Pooja Hegde’s most successful films?

Pooja Hegde has acted in various successful films in the Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil film industries.

Some of her most notable films include “Mohenjo Daro” (Hindi), “Duvvada Jagannadham” (Telugu), “Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava” (Telugu),

“Housefull 4” (Hindi), “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo” (Telugu), and “Most Eligible Bachelor” (Telugu), among others.

Does Pooja Hegde own any businesses or investments?

There were no public reports of Pooja Hegde owning any businesses. However, it is not uncommon for celebrities to make investments in various ventures or start their own businesses to diversify their income streams.

How much does Pooja Hegde charge per movie?

Pooja Hegde’s remuneration for movies can vary depending on the scale of the film, her role, and other factors. Top actresses in the Indian film industry often receive substantial pay for their work in leading roles.

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