Srikanth Kidambi is a professional badminton player from India, born on February 7, 1993, in Andhra Pradesh.

He is considered one of the top badminton players globally and has achieved significant success in his career.

Srikanth Kidambi Net Worth

Srikanth Kidambi’s net worth is around $5 Million, and his financial information is considered private.

His net worth figures for individuals, especially athletes, can vary based on a variety of factors, including earnings from sports, endorsements, investments, and other business ventures.

Full NameSrikanth Nammalwar Kidambi
Birth DateFebruary 7, 1993
Birth PlaceAndhra Pradesh, India
ProfessionBadminton playerAthlete
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$5 Million

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Srikanth Kidambi Assets

Srikanth Kidambi’s assets, including properties, investments, or other holdings, were not publicly available.

Professional athletes, including badminton players like Srikanth Kidambi, often maintain a degree of privacy regarding their personal assets.

Here are some general considerations about the assets of professional athletes

Endorsement Deals: Srikanth Kidambi, being a top badminton player, may have endorsement deals with various brands.

These endorsements could include financial compensation, product sponsorships, or other arrangements.

Tournament Winnings: The winnings from badminton tournaments contribute significantly to an athlete’s income. These winnings are a tangible form of assets earned through skill and performance.

Investments: Like many athletes, Srikanth Kidambi may choose to invest his earnings in various financial instruments, real estate, or business ventures. These investments contribute to an athlete’s overall financial portfolio.

Properties: Some athletes choose to invest in real estate, including residential properties or commercial spaces. Ownership of properties can be a notable asset.

Vehicles and Personal Items: High-profile athletes may own valuable personal items such as luxury cars, watches, or other assets that showcase their success.

Business Ventures: Athletes often venture into business, whether it’s opening their sports academies, launching fitness-related products, or participating in entrepreneurial activities.

Srikanth Kidambi Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$5 Million
Net Worth in 2023$4.8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$4.6 Million
Net Worth in 2021$4.3 Million
Net Worth in 2020$4.2 Million
Net Worth in 2019$4 Million

Srikanth Kidambi’s net worth can experience growth through various channels, including tournament winnings, endorsements, investments, and business ventures.

Here are some factors that could contribute to the net worth growth of a badminton player like Srikanth Kidambi

Tournament Winnings: Continued success in badminton tournaments at national and international levels can significantly contribute to net worth growth. Winning prestigious tournaments often comes with substantial prize money.

Endorsements: Securing new endorsement deals or renegotiating existing ones with reputable brands can contribute to net worth growth.

As an athlete’s profile and achievements increase, so does the potential for lucrative endorsement opportunities.

Investments: Wise investments in diverse portfolios, such as stocks, real estate, or business ventures, can contribute to overall net worth growth. Athletes often work with financial advisors to manage and grow their wealth.

Brand Value: The increase in an athlete’s brand value, influenced by factors like performance, sportsmanship, and public image, can attract more opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships.

Business Ventures: If Srikanth Kidambi has ventured into business or entrepreneurial activities, the success of these ventures can significantly impact his net worth.

Global Recognition: Increased recognition on the global stage, such as participation in major tournaments and achieving high rankings, can enhance an athlete’s marketability and, consequently, contribute to net worth growth.

Srikanth Kidambi Early Life & Background

Srikanth Kidambi’s early life

Birth and Background: Srikanth Kidambi was born on February 7, 1993, in Ravulapalem, Andhra Pradesh, India.

He grew up in a middle-class family with a keen interest in badminton. Srikanth’s early exposure to the sport and his talent became evident at a young age.

Introduction to Badminton: Srikanth’s interest in badminton was nurtured early in his life. He began playing badminton at the Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad, one of the premier badminton training centers in India.

The academy, founded by former badminton player Pullela Gopichand, has produced several top-notch players, and Srikanth Kidambi is among them.

Training and Development: Under the guidance of Pullela Gopichand and the coaching staff at the academy, Srikanth honed his skills and developed into a promising young player.

His dedication to the sport and his natural talent quickly set him apart, marking the beginning of a successful badminton career.

Emergence as a Junior Player: Srikanth Kidambi’s talent didn’t go unnoticed, and he gained recognition as a junior player.

His performances in junior tournaments showcased his potential, setting the stage for his transition to senior-level competitions.

Srikanth Kidambi Career

Srikanth Kidambi is an accomplished Indian badminton player known for his aggressive style of play and exceptional skills on the court.

Here is an overview of his career

Early Career: Srikanth’s journey in badminton started at a young age, and he rose through the ranks as a junior player. His training at the Gopichand Badminton Academy laid the foundation for his professional career.

Transition to Senior Level: Srikanth made a smooth transition to the senior level, and his breakthrough came in 2013 when he won his first international title at the Thailand Open Grand Prix. This victory marked the beginning of a series of notable achievements.

2014: In 2014, Srikanth Kidambi gained widespread attention when he won the China Open Super Series Premier.

This victory made him the first Indian male player to win a Super Series Premier event. He continued his success by reaching the final of the 2014 Hong Kong Open.

2015: Srikanth’s impressive run continued into 2015, where he won the India Open Super Series and the Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold.

2016: In 2016, he reached the quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics, showcasing his ability to compete at the highest level. He also won the Syed Modi International Grand Prix Gold tournament.

2017: Srikanth had a remarkable 2017, winning four Super Series titles. These victories came at the Indonesia Open, Australia Open, Denmark Open, and French Open. His consistent performances catapulted him to a career-high world ranking.

2018: Srikanth continued to be a force in international badminton in 2018, winning the Commonwealth Games gold medal in men’s singles. He also clinched the silver medal at the BWF World Championships.

2019: In 2019, Srikanth secured a bronze medal at the BWF World Championships, adding to his list of international accolades.

2020 and Beyond: Srikanth Kidambi has been a consistent performer, and his career has had its share of highs and challenges.

Like many athletes, he faced disruptions in the competition schedule in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he continues to be a prominent figure in Indian badminton.

Srikanth Kidambi Personal Life

Srikanth Kidambi’s personal life, especially recent developments, may not be widely available. Badminton players, like many other athletes, often keep their personal lives relatively private.

Here is some general information about his personal life

Family Background: Srikanth Kidambi was born on February 7, 1993, in Ravulapalem, Andhra Pradesh, India, into a middle-class family. His family has been supportive of his badminton career from an early age.

Education: Details about Srikanth Kidambi’s educational background are not as prominently featured in public sources.

However, it’s not uncommon for elite athletes to balance their academic pursuits with their sporting careers, especially if they engage in training from a young age.

Relationship Status: As of my last knowledge update, Srikanth Kidambi’s relationship status, including whether he is married or in a relationship, was not widely known. Athletes often maintain a level of privacy regarding their personal lives.

Hobbies and Interests: Beyond badminton, athletes often have hobbies and interests. These could include activities related to fitness, relaxation, or other pursuits.


How does Srikanth Kidambi make money?

Srikanth Kidambi primarily makes money through tournament winnings, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Successful athletes often attract sponsors and advertisers who want to be associated with their achievements and popularity.

What are Srikanth Kidambi’s major achievements?

Some of Srikanth Kidambi’s major achievements include winning Super Series and Grand Prix Gold tournaments, securing medals at the Commonwealth Games and BWF World Championships, and consistently maintaining a high world ranking in men’s singles badminton.

Does Srikanth Kidambi have endorsements?

Many top athletes, including badminton players, often have endorsement deals with various brands. These deals contribute significantly to an athlete’s income and overall net worth.

Is Srikanth Kidambi active on social media?

Athletes often use social media platforms to connect with fans and share updates about their careers. Checking Srikanth Kidambi’s official social media profiles can provide insights into his current activities and partnerships.

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